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Breaking Dawn 2 Phenomenon

November 23, 2012

Am i the weirdest person or what. That i don’t give a damn about Breakin Dawn. ^_^

All of my friends say that it’s the coolest movie this year and those who doesn’t even follow the series are rushing to the theaters to see the film. Is it just to say you’re in? Well whatever. Good luck with that.

I just saw the film this morning on the bus (wow! A pirated copy already released! ^_^ .) Lot’s of conversation (yawn), the usual vampires and wolves. Then i fell asleep. Well if i’ve seen it on the big screen things would have been different. But not really eager to see it.

If i would choose between being a vampire or a wolf? I’d rather be a wolf so i can be tough but still look cute and cuddly. ^_^

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