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November 23, 2012

On October 19, 2012 it seems my whole world crashed that i wake up one day not having a job. My previous company, Sunpower Philippines had to downsize and lay-off 900 people. I was one of the lucky ones. They paid us a little amount of money and i was thankful for that but i rather have a regular job than a one time lump sum of money that i can actually spend in one shopping spree. ^_^

On the business side it was a wise decision. What the hell are you gonna do with hundreds of excess people? But what i hate about it is they had to hire “experts” just to come up with this decision. This was already a problem a few months back so why now? Why now when the economy of manufacturing industries is at its low. When it is really difficult to find jobs at this time. Put in mind that most of that 900 are engineers. Its a fight for survival.

I’m really longing to change my facebook employment status to “works at NEW JOB.” I’m now on a quest to find a job. Wish me luck! ^_^

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