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I got ICCed

November 27, 2012

With January 2013 drawing near for the implementation of the motorcycle act, i gotta get my own ICC sticker for my helmet!

I was hesitant to get one because of the hassle, long lines, and heat being shown in the news. I was planning to buy a new one instead.

Hell!! I got fired from my job so buying a new one was not an option anymore. So i got my butt off my bed and went to the nearest DTI (Calamba City Branch). I’ve heard a lot of legends of their experiences with DTI, you can find it online, so there’s a lot of thought while going there. I went upstairs and found no lines at all. I’ve read the guidelines and didn’t see my helmet’s name on the list, that gave me a little fear on the acceptance of my helmet. But what the heck, i’m already here so let’s go. I logged my name, helmet brand & some not so important details and gave my helmet to the so-called “inspector” for the inspection. He was wearing a white shirt and security guard pants so i tought he was the guard there or maybe he really is. He rotated my helmet 360 propably checking for parts and try to break it open holding on both ends of the helmet. And in less than a minute it was done, placed the ICC sticker and my helmet Passed! No questions asked. Unbelievable.

Yey! I got my ICC sticker for my helmet. Now i can shove it on law enforcers faces and asses. You cannot apprehend me. Hahaha. Well, yeah, i do find this law important but the way they implement it is funny and stupid but, hey, a law is a law. See you on the streets.

  1. *sigh* i need to get mine “certified” too. Hopefully, something not as bad as losing my job will motivate me. 😀 How’s the job-hunting?

    • Better get that sticker soon. You don’t wanna be stuck in the rush of those “pahulihin at pahabol.” hehe. Well, about the hunt still out of luck. Hopefully soon. Thanks. ^_^

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