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MMK – “Pulang Laso”

December 2, 2012


Yesteday was World AIDS day, and what a way to celebrate it than to make an episode about it at MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) on ABS-CBN.

It’s not just another sex story. It was all about forbidden love, family acceptance, and fidelity. Everyone can relate to it, even those not members of the third sex in some way.

I can somehow relate to this story. Well not the multiple sex partner part. 😀 I have experienced this “forbidden” love. My mom knows about my relationship and she fully accepts but the rest of my family does not or they refuse to accept of what i have. Same goes with my girlfriend. But she had worse because non of her family members approve of us. Inspite the fact that her parents have a  more similar relationship with us, i wouldn’t want to go into details but that’s the case. Just makes me wonder how her parents try too much to make their children perfect yet themselves are not perfect. But i love my girlfriend so much. I just told her that it doesn’t matter if they don’t want us to be together, they don’t have to know, as long as we have each other.

Another point that i want to consider in the story is that they were accepted as who they are by their families, in which any gay and lesbian would want. This can also be related to all the people who have been disowned by their families whether they choose the one they love in which they disapprove or you followed your own dream and they did not support it. The sad part is, do you have to be in your death bed to get that acceptance or does someone has to die first before you get it? Reality check! Why can’t just parents accept their children who they are, with the imperfections, with their own dreams, and with their own happiness. Some parents expect too much and mold their children into perfection and if standards are not met they think low of them and even disown them. I’m a rebel myself, going for my dreams, choosing my own happiness and love. You know parents are here just to guide us in our lives, they are not here to control.

Then there’s fidelity. Not only can you get sick by dipping your fingers to anyone, you’re also breaking a heart. It’s no reason that you’re doing it for money, or you felt it because of the moment. If you want to be a gigolo then stay single so you wouldn’t be hurting the heart of the one you love. I have almost  sinned to my ex-partner. But by the time that i knew that i don’t love her anymore and my senses were beginning to look for another, i broke up with her. It was difficult because we had a lot of moments together but the love was not there anymore and i don’t to be a hypocrite and hurt her if we were still together but i’m looking for another. As of now i’m trying to be as loyal as possible to my girlfriend :crossfingers:  😀

It was really an unforgettable episode. Live your life to the fullest. Reach for your dreams. Be with the one you love. Make your own happiness.


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