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Almost Hypnotized! The Customer That Got Away

December 17, 2012


Me and my girlfriend were at Robinsons Galleria one day. Coming from a job interview at ETON Cyberpod, in which i accompanied her, we were quite hungry and bored so a stroll to the mall was on our mind.

Just near the entrance beside the escalator, a man approached us in a corporate attire. He began telling us of a promo that their company has. No money to be invested just a promotion. We went to their booth. I was hesitant and i was signaling my girlfriend that we must leave. But being the nice girl that she is, she entertained the man and we slowly began to fall in their trap.

The company was Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc, an insurance company that I’ve never heard of before. They had this promo that you could win a car or a trip for 2 with pocket money, just listen to them talk for a few minutes with regards to their company. Too good to be true right? So we filled-up some raffle coupons and some forms. Talked about their company. They asked if i have an ATM or Credit Card. I presented my ATM and even requested me to have its balance checked later. They asked for our profession. When I said that I was an Engineer I noticed that I was given more attention than my girlfriend. They also had these giveaways to choose from. We both selected the tumbler. So in my mind i said to myself “I think were done. That was easy. We could finally leave and eat.” But then the man endorsed us to another guy saying “Please follow him to our office to get your free tumbler.” Yeah, to my stupidity we followed him.

We are now at the office of Philippine Prudential Life. I’m still hungry but I was alert of anything that might happen, I am aware of stories of being hypnotized or something and then be convinced to take out your money. So they asked me for my ATM and have its balance checked on their counter. Then they told me that there will be a one-on-one presentation for 45 minutes. I didn’t know! The first man said that it would just be “Char!Char! lang.. (gay lingo)” or the 45minutes was just formality and i thought that was already what we did in the booth! I’m starting to get mad. So i think for a minute of what to do. I was so hungry then so i just said to the people there that “Can we just come back. I’m really hungry but i promise to return. (NOT!)” But the man that we followed to the office insisted and did not let us go. He begged that it will be just for a few minutes and he will be punished by his Boss if this is not done. I pity the guy. So i said, OK, we’ll wait. Then the presenter came asked only for me so he can start the presentation. But I said “Wait a minute! I want my girlfriend to come with me. I thought this presentation is for both of us.” Thinking to myself the possibility of hypnotism if i will be alone with the presenter. But he said, “It is not possible. This presentation is one-on-one only.” Its in their policy or something. I still insisted but still i was not allowed to bring my girlfriend along. At that moment i snapped! I talked in a high and loud voice and said, “I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore. I’m really hungry and all I wanted is for my girlfriend to be with me.” Then i walked-out of their office ignoring how the guy begged for us to stay. I immediately checked the balance of my ATM and thanked God my money was still intact.

Whew! Thank God i was out of that mess. Maybe if stayed a little longer they could have had brainwashed me into giving them my money to invest to their product.

I don’t know if they are legit or not. But I didn’t like the way they did to “promote” their company. It was all talk. Worse is that they promise that it will only take a few minutes but as the time flies it takes longer and longer until you become under their control. I was hungry but they did not let me leave. I wanted to be with my girlfriend but they wanted me to be with them alone. I realize that they push their customers around, bringing them under their control. And if their customers are weak surely they will fall in the trap. I say if you want to save your good name respect your customers. If your products are good and has a good reputation people will buy it in their own will, not by forcing them to.

One Comment
  1. Anna permalink

    I had the same experience today.

    I also noticed that they keep adjusting their watch back so you think it’s just 6pm when it’s in fact already seven.

    I ended up giving her an ultimatum if she wanted me to walk out or if she was going to stop her chatter.

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