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Motorcycle LTO Registration 2013

January 5, 2013

Another year has come and once again we have to renew our vehicle registrations at LTO. This is done yearly (but this is my first time to register on my own), which is kinda hassle, but with the advancement of goverment facilities and technology you can easily do it yourself in just less than a quarter of a day.

My motorcycle plate number ends in “1” and this means I have to register this January. You can check out the schedule according to plate number ending at LTO (Land Transportation Office) website.

I went to the LTO Grand Central Terminal Lucena branch on January 3 at 10:30am. I parked my motorcycle and 2 people approached me on the spot. At first I thought they were fixers but they didn’t offer any fixing assistance (due to the fact that the process nowadays is quick). Instead the one is the stencil guy and the other is the TPL Insurance agent. They gladly assisted me as to where i can go and the next steps to do. And they told me that you need 2 photocopies of your OR/CR, one copy for the TPL Insurance and one for LTO.

The stencil guy already has a form. He stenciled the motorcycle and I gave him 20pesos as a tip. Next is the emission test, they attached to the form the result. Then to the TPL Insurance. This is where i had the longest waiting time. I didn’t really do anything much but wait. The TPL girl was the one who filled-up the form and attached the necessary documents.

Next thing i did was go to the LTO Office at the Vehicle Inspectors Desk to check my form, documents and vehicle. He just visually checked my motorcycle and it was done. I went to the Customer Service Representative Desk and get a number. I waited for about 10minutes before my number was called. I paid 542.06 pesos for the registration (543 to be exact, piece of advice, always have the exact amount at hand because most of the time they won’t have “change” for you). I was charged 100 pesos for change venue. The cashier told me to wait again. But only after 2mins I was called and at last it was done!

I got my new OR! But sadly they don’t have stock of motorcycle plate stickers, which is usually a problem for early registrants. But its good enough since I don’t have to pay for late registration or be apprehended for not registering at the right month. LTO told me to return on the first week of February. Since I have work then, I can always have my mother get it for me.

Requirements to be brought:
– 2 photocopies of OR/CR
– vehicle to be registered

Start Time: 10:30am
End Time: 11:50am
Total Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Breakdown of Expenses:
– stencil – 20
– emission test – 450 (you can find less expensive emission test)
– TPL – 700 ( you can find less expensive TPLs)
– LTO Registration fee – 442
                                   – 100 – change venue (i registered last year in calamba)
TOTAL: 1,712 pesos

If you find less expensive emission test and TPL you can save a lot. I was just too lazy to go around. Additional cost that made my registration expensive is the change of venue fee. So stick to your branch.

Say no to fixers!!! You can accept assistance but without any equivalent fee, there are people there that are willing to help, and ask questions. Even a first timer can do it on their own.

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One Comment
  1. NO TO FIXER (kaka renew ko lang kanina January 21, 2015)

    Requirements to be brought:
    – 2 photocopies of OR/CR
    – vehicle to be registered

    Start Time: 07:30am-07:50am (Insurance “cebuana”)
    08:00am-08:20am (Emission)
    08:25am-09:15am (LTO)
    End Time: 09:15am
    Total Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

    Breakdown of Expenses:
    – parking – 30 (mukhang dito ako nakurakot, dapat libre na yan)
    – emission test – 350 (you can find less expensive emission test)
    – TPL – 300.40 ( cebuanna)
    – LTO Registration fee – 439.06
    – 100 – change venue
    TOTAL: 1,219.46 pesos

    Tips: Before pumunta ng LTO kumuha na kayo ng Insurance at mag pa Enission Test na.

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