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Officially Employed

January 21, 2013

Finally I already have a job. I’ve started just two weeks. And it’s all thanks to online job search engines. I’ll tell you about two of my most recommended sites in the Philippines that will surely land you a job based on their response for an interview.
You don’t need an account at this site to sumbit you’re resume to your selected employer. Just copy the employer’s email address and send your resume through your own email. I had some calls and texts by submitting resumes that way. Downside for this site is the few job posting. But don’t worry, still reputable companies are posting at this site so keep checking from time to time.
This site has never failed me yet in landing a job, 3 times to be exact. Response time vary from every employer. I had interview requests. You do need to create an account at this site for covenience. With that you can apply for jobs at one click, filter and save the jobs you want, and have job alerts sent to your email. What I don’t like about this site is the flood of call center job ads. If i wanted a call center job i’d write it in the search box.

Really convenient in applying for a job nowadays. Just sit back in front of your PC, click a few buttons and wait for that most awaited call.

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