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LTO Driver’s License Renewal 2013

March 1, 2013

Gotta renew my driver’s license today. It is going to expire in about a month. This is my first time. Good thing it’s a holiday in Muntinlupa. No work! Yey! So i was able to go to my province in Lucena.

I arrived at LTO Grand Central at about 1:30pm and immediately approached the guard. I asked where to get the Application form. He told me to have my medical exam and drug test first. So i went to the clinic and drug testing center nearby. It took me a few minutes to do that. I’m not really sure if the results are reliable, but hey as long as it has passed results i’m ok with that. 🙂

Then i went back to LTO and get the Application form. I was planning to change my address in my driver’s license, they didn’t require anything for that, just an  additional fee. After filling it up, i’ve waited for my number to be called. My papers were checked by the evaluator. Then i  waited for my turn to be called in the AMPI (whatever that is) where my picture and signature was taken, then at the cashier. At 3:00pm, finally my license was released. Well, that was easy.

Here’s the breakdown of expenses:
Medical exam – 150
Drug test – 300
LTO Registration fee – 418
Change of address – 100
Total damages – 968

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