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Too Soon To The Rainbow Bridge Little David

February 22, 2016

Surely all pet-lovers will understand how it feels to lose a pet going to the rainbow bridge. But I did not expect for it to be too soon for our baby.


Our Little Angel David


We got David from my partner’s uncle on January 30, 2016. He was just a month old. He was such a sweet silent boy. At first we just thought that he was just a low-energy dog. He doesn’t run around but he eats a lot. He wags his tail to show his joy when he sees us. Aside from being lethargic he seems to have a big belly. It didn’t bother us so much since all puppies seem to have one due to the worms.

Three weeks later, on February 19, 2016, David suddenly lost his appetite. Still he was drinking water so we opt to observe first before taking him to the vet.

The next morning, still he was not eating but drinking water. He was lethargic as usual but doesn’t wag his tail much. Stupid of me to not think that this is something serious. I was worried at that moment but not to the point to bring him to the vet yet. Also I needed to go somewhere so the time did not permit to take him. Only now I realized that he tried to stop me from going two times. First, when I was washing the dishes, I thought he was in the bedroom, when I looked around he was already behind me and I almost stepped on him. second, I was in the bedroom putting on clothes, then when I turned around he was there again. Instead, I kissed him goodbye and left.

In my absence, my partner was the one taking care of our baby. She was giving me updates and sending me photos. David was drinking milk and was still able to stand. I was not loosing hope then thinking he’s going towards to recovery.

On February 21, 2016, my partner needed to go to work early in the morning. She had to leave our baby. She said that she’s worried about David. She already had a hunch that something was up but she had to go to work. She said to David, “wait for me baby. I’ll be home soon.”

Later in the afternoon, I was about to ride a bus back home when I received a text message from our other room mate. “David is dead.. 😦 ” I was in state of shock as I was still hoping to see him when I get home and have already plans to have him checked by the vet.

When I got into the bus on the way back, tears began to fall my cheeks. It was only then it got into me that David was already gone.

I got home and see a little plastic bag in the corner. It was David already cold and unable to move. His green beautiful eyes still open. It seems that he peacefully took his last breath. No more pain our sweet little angel. No more pain.

It was a little too much to absorb but what else can we do. All I can feel is guilt when I did not notice all those little signs that something was up. That he was already struggling and almost to the edge. That I shouldn’t have left him on his last days and given him time to be taken immediately to the vet.

My friends try to comfort me in this heartache. That it was not my fault. That it is in God’s hands that this happened. That David is already happy in heaven and he wouldn’t want to see us in this sadness. They could be right. But I cannot remove yet the pain in my heart.

Please forgive us Little David. That we were not able to show you long enough the beauty of the world. Always remember that we love you even for such a short time we’ve been together. Goodnight our sweet little angel.


Under this tree rests David. We pray that God cuddles our little David in his arms.



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